Bio-Industries | Cleaning Solutions for Industrial and Retail Markets
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Nitrifying Aid for Aquariums Water Quality Enhancer for Aquariums Organic Sludge Remover for Ponds Clarifier for Ponds Biological Filtration Aid for Aquariums

PolyBIO Product Leaflet 2017

FirstBIO QuikFIX Product Leaflet 2017


Approved Industrial Strength Sanitizer Natural Odour Control Organic low Ph cleaner sanitizer Powerful grease & heavy oil remover


Automated bacterial dosing Enhances Plant operation, settlement, and BOD removal Biologically Disgests Grease and Fats Removes Hydrogen Sulphide Biologically


Bio-Industries Ltd

Bio-Industries Ltd is based in Ireland and was created in 1992. Our Mission is to provide high quality environmental products and services to blue chip clients on an international footing.
The Company has undergone steady expansion through providing alternative low cost solutions to environmental issues, while achieving the desired outcome as independently assessed by 3rd party audits. Bio-Industries Ltd focuses on the manufacture and supply of unique biological treatment solutions for pollution control at home and abroad. Tailored solutions are formulated for the domestic and industrial markets.

Our best selling products:

Ammonia reduction0%
Fats, Oil & Grease degradation0%
Oil Spilage Remediation0%
Multi purpose Low pH cleaner0%


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are now part of

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We are currently focusing on a programme of integration which will allow us to offer our valued customers an enhanced portfolio of services and solutions, with sustainability at the forefront of our proposition.

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